Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Rebekah Binkley Montgomery. I am the author of Hunt the Straight Path Home, (published by Abundance Books) a coming-of-age novel set in 1917 in Rockford, Ohio.

The Kindle version of Hunt the Straight Path Home was released today. The paperback version will release March 19.

Hunt the Straight Path Home is my 9th book and first novel. My previous books have been Christian living books requiring a lot of education, research, and travel. Novels require a lot of research, too, but I gathered much of my knowledge about the era when I was editor of Good Old Days, Good Old Days Special Issues, and Fireside Companion magazines for House of White Birches now known as Annie’s. The time frame of those magazines was 1900-1949 and the editorial was American oral history which corresponds with the setting of Hunt the Straight Path Home and the anticipated sequels.

The first part of the Twentieth Century wasn’t an easy time to live, but it produced some remarkably creative people some have called “the Greatest Generation.”

— These were people who walked barefoot to school—then put a man on the moon.

— They did their sums on a slate—then invented the computer.

— The deadly diseases that haunted their childhood were treated with weeds, kerosene, and superstition—but they invented vaccines, antibiotics, and anti-viral that have virtually wiped out those scourges of childhood.

— They peeled back laws prohibiting a married woman from owning property, working outside the home or attend college and gave all women the right to vote and even hold public office.

I chose Rockford, Ohio as the setting for the story because I have long been intrigued by the area’s colorful history and the resources there.

If you have further questions, let me know. I would be glad to talk with you about the book, the history of the area, or any subject pertaining to Hunt the Straight Path Home.


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