Photo by Debi Squire

At daybreak on Friday of creation, the Lord God Almighty reached out of heaven and took a handful of clay‑-red clay, a plentiful type containing grit for strength but stubborn to mold. However He is patient.

He spoke every other element in creation into existence. This project He reserved for His own two hands.

Bright beings gathered to watch. They observed all He made by His word alone. But on this sixth day He was doing something new. They wanted to observe.

He shaped the clay, pinching up areas, smoothing down others. The bright ones longed to ask, “Lord God, why do You spend so much care on a lump of mud?”

You and I might ask the same question. The answer is simple: Because He wants to. He wants us to be a beautiful example of His skill and a credit to Him. He may have to squeeze us or tweak us or flatten us—whatever we need. But know the pain we feel is His hands working to shape us into His creation.