Brief Bio

Rebekah Binkley Montgomery began her writing career in grade school by writing poetry for a church newsletter. “If my father wasn’t the pastor of that church, it probably wouldn’t have seen ink!” said Rebekah. “But it gave me the writing bug.”

In high school, she wrote stories for Primary Days (Scripture Press), which published Sunday school papers. From 1972-1984, Rebekah Binkley Montgomery worked on the staff of several evangelical churches writing and developing illustrated sermons, plays, musicals, devotionals, and a wide variety of teaching materials and articles.

Beginning as a freelance writer, she eventually became editor of 6 craft and special interest publications simultaneously and managed a support staff of assistants, photographers, and designers.  With her staff, she produced 38 issues a year, plus one-shot special issues, books, calendars, and other items. In the areas of nostalgia and collectibles, the titles under her editorship achieved the highest circulation for their field.

In addition to being a well-known speaker for women’s retreats, conferences, children’s camps, and Bible schools, Mrs. Montgomery hosted a satellite collector’s show for Shop At Home shopping network (Knoxville, TN) for two years.

Mrs. Montgomery attended Christian Training Center, Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Bible College, Institute of Fine Arts, IU-Purdue, Fort Wayne campus, American Institute of Holy Land Studies, and Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem. Her course of studies included Bible history and exegesis, and literature.

Mrs. Montgomery was on the Board of Directors of Right to the Heart, co-publisher of Jubilant Press, and was twice selected by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to be sponsored by the Israeli government as a visiting writer. She has also attended post-graduate classes in Israel. Business and Professional Women named her a 2009 Woman of the Year. She is the 2010 recipient of the Beyond Me award for service.

In addition to writing and editing, at various times, Rebekah served as pastor of a country church, a children’s pastor, pulpit fill, and a women’s and children’s pastor. She was an international retreat and conference speaker.

In 2003, she contracted West Nile Virus as a result of a bite from an infected mosquito. Initially, she experienced near total paralysis on her right side. She taught herself to function left-handed but eventually regained most of her righthanded skill.

Although she was diagnosed in 2016 with viral parkinsonism, she continued to speak and teach until creeping disability robbed her of reliable speech. Sometimes she can talk: sometimes she can’t. Her sister Ruth Binkley Whatley acts as her stand-in voice.

She lives in Decatur, Indiana with her husband of 50 years, John, and has three grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Rebekah’s Published Works

  • 1986-1992: editor of six national women’s and general interest magazines (40 issues a year) plus books, calendars, one-shot specials, and product development
  • 1999: editor of two national craft magazines for Primemedia, plus numerous special issues
  • Ordinary Miracles, A Harvest of Faithfulness, A Harvest of Love, A Harvest of Joy, A Harvest of Peace: all published by Promise Press in 2000
  • 2002- 2005: editor and regular columnist of Right to the Heart of Women read by 10,000 women of the church
  • Co-publisher at Jubilant Press
  • 2001-2004: contributor for Guideposts Books
  • 2004– present: regular columnist for
  • 2004-2005: editor of Right to the Heart of Women (circulation: 20,000+)
  • 2004: co- author of Money Mission (Jubilant Press)
  • 2004: author of A Christmas Angel Tea (Jubilant Press)
  • 2005: contributor for Miracle Stories (Snapdragon Group)
  • 2005: contributor for Anytime Prayer and other books (Snapdragon Group)
  • 2006- present: regular contributor to Worship Facilities Magazine
  • 2007: Wrote Mystery Women of the Bible (Jubilant Press)
  • 2008: Wrote Secrets of a Woman’s Heart (Jubilant Press)
  • 2008-present: regular contributor to Significant Living
  • 2009: contributor to Just Between Us
  • 2013: Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus (Leafwood)

            She contributed to several other books.